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Welcome to The Adventures of Walt Wilcox Series Web Site!

What have I been doing?

Thanks for the comments
February 24th 2020

Some great suggestions, Thanks. Please keep looking for updates and remember to ask ANNIE to add you the our Fan Page.

Rewrite three in progress
February 17 2020 .

Walt Wilcox has been busy. I finally got chapter 1 ready for review. Please send me an email letting me know what you thought.

Where is Larry
January 20th 2020

Took a little break, and read through Meeting ANNIE. Larry just does not pop to me. Story seems to fall flat about in Chapter 15 where Larry is introduced.

Rewrite three finished"
January 6th 2020 .

As most of you know. I received some great feed back last year. Some of the comments were about Scorpio and how it interrupted the story line. Okay, I have to agree. I have addressed this timeline issue and cut over 1/3 of my book (Your welcome). Actually, I did cut about 30k words from Meeting ANNIE. No, did you really think I would just throw them away. 30k words? So they were moved into what was going to be the second book called MEETING SCORPIO.

I finally got Meeting ANNIE organized. It took me a while. Now the story-line is well defined.